Book keeping is at the core of the survival of very small businesses. The lack of time, skills, and capacity is a great inhibiting factor with regards to book keeping. In fact, many of these micro-enterprises only keep the sale book, brushing aside the other useful records such as recurrent expenditure, profit and loss accounts, asset records, and capital investment and operation records investments.

A critical challenge of this limitation is the failure to differentiate the income of the business from the wage they need to pay themselves hence leading to the removal of capital from the daily operations of the business. We consider book keeping and general finance management training as critical in influencing positive decision-making for the proprietor in the long-term.

This service is offered through a one-time training on all elements of book-keeping and a follow-up with the proprietor for a period of six months to test the implementation process for the business. The follow-up includes records analysis and appropriate promotion of book keeping ideas both in person and virtually.