What is iLegacy?

iLegacy is a platform designed to connect consultants, micro-enterprises, and prospective investors. Millennial Legacy collects a pool of consultants with experience in finance, customer care, marketing, record keeping, administration, and legal issues. We connect this pool of consultants with small scale non-formal business ventures in different sectors and categorize their challenges and problems in terms of customer care, marketing, record keeping, administration, and legal. The site then connects both through a Millennial Legacy intermediary then deploys a professional in each of the problematic areas where solutions that cover these businesses are designed and implemented across the board.

What is Millennial Legacy?

Millennial Legacy is incorporated in Kenya in 2016. We utilize a platform business model to attract, interact with, and enhance the experiences of our clients. We are a partner in transformation. Our mission is to provide cutting edge research and business consultancy to empower organizational and personal brands in competitive environments through the platform business model. Our “Platform business model” develops networking platforms, collaborative partnerships, and operational documents like manuals and training curricula that provide avenues for building internal capacity for organizations and promoting external relationships to strengthen their projects and programs. The interconnection between these players in promoting community development is a critical component of our projects and clients.

Our Services

Most micro-enterprises are managed by the proprietor and close family members. Doing it better is a process of learning and perfecting the art and science of management. We shall show you how, HERE

The core of the survival of very small businesses is influenced by proactive book keeping as the first form of financial advice. Learn how, HERE

The support a business offers its customers is often the silver lining that determines their desire to continuing visiting for more. Learn more about customer service 101, HERE

We believe that the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It is an endless conversation that strengthens the relationship between the client and the business. Don’t you think so too? Check HERE

Very small businesses often operate at variance with the commercial laws. To operate within the law is to make the law your partner in progress. Learn more HERE

We understand that the currency of real networking is generosity. African hospitality is built on the strength of collective positioning of our values to help in building friendships through common grounds, even in our enterprise. Visit HERE

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