• 2019

  • August 2019 - January 2020

    Invest in your LEGACY

    Designed and developed the “Invest in your LEGACY” platform as our first digital platform for transforming non-formal activities into semi-formal and formal enterprises.

  • July 2019

    Millennial Legacy Foundation

    Registered Millennial Legacy Foundation to work with the Limited Company in managing low-income clients in need of grants to build their businesses.

  • February 2019

    Digital system

    Utilized the first six months of field data to sketch the digital system.

  • 2018

  • June 2018

    Team of consultants

    Developed a close consultancy team with the aim of transforming the off-line system into a digitized system to build sustainable micro-enterprises in Kisumu from non-formal ventures.

  • 2017

  • December 2017

    Incorporated Millennial Legacy Investments Limited

    Incorporated Millennial Legacy Investments Limited and terminated the sole-proprietorship. The company also began working with institutional clients seeking to support micro-enterprises in Kisumu.

  • January 2017


    Started work on building micro-enterprises within Kisumu City and targeting long-term success.

  • 2016

  • June 2016

    Millennial Legacy Investments

    Registered a sole proprietorship, Millennial Legacy Investments, and began work on the commercialization of the concept of the “platform-business-model”

  • April 2016


    Won the American Express Non-profit leader of the year award for work in supporting various enterprises through non-profit activities in Western Kenya.

  • 2015

  • November 2015


    Received funding from the United States Embassy to start the training program for rural-based businesses in Kisumu County

  • June 2015

    Registered the Enterprise Education-4-Change as CBO

    Completed the follow-on project of the Community Solutions Program and registered the Enterprise Education-4-Change as a Community-Based Organization to build a system of training businesses and traders on basic skills in book keeping, marketing, administration and HR and sustainability measures.

  • January 2015

    Enterprise Education-4-Change

    Began work on the follow-on project from the Community Solutions Program

  • 2014

  • August 2014

    Community Solutions Program

    Started a leadership program at Community Solutions Program and designed the first aspect of the program titled Enterprise Education-4-Change.

  • June 2014

    Started developing the concept

    Conceived of an idea of strengthening community organizations and businesses through networking them in order to create a pool of technical and non-technical resources.